#2 Hong Kong Food (part1)
Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I was deciding how I was going to blog about my Hong Kong trip and decided to do it by the things I ate, saw and did there instead of by the days (will probably also do a short #ootd post). I initially planned to do it by the timings of the day (i.e. morning, noon and night), but I realised we mostly got up past 1100H every day, except on the 2nd day, so that didn't seem to make much sense. This post, as you can gather from the title, will be about the eats from Hong Kong. Hence, it'll be in 2 parts because we kind of ate non-stop throughout the trip =X It'll be too long if I squeeze everything into 1 entry, even though I'll only feature some of the food places I feel are worth mentioning. The rest, you can look at the pictures which are up on Facebook :)

Okay, so the first place I'm raving about is Maxim's Food or 美心 Food. I know it doesn't serve authentic Hong Kong delights, but it was our first meal of the trip. Plus, we were hungry, sleepy, cold and slightly under the weather (well, at least I was). So you can only imagine how good it must have felt to dig in to a nice, hot bowl of ramen. It's actually not too bad, Titus REALLY enjoyed his baked rice and even had it a second time before we flew back to SG.

We went to the famous Delicious Kitchen to have the Pork Chops and Vegetable Rice. Honestly, I would suggest skipping the rice if you plan to try out loads of food in one day; save the stomach space. But if you're having regular meals then go ahead and order it, seems popular with the locals. The pork chops are really tasty. Nice and crisps on the outside, it has a marinate that taste similar to our prawn paste chicken. However, it's more sweet, like with a honey glaze, instead of being overly salty. Tried other dishes at the restaurant but the pork chops are the only things I would recommend.

You can find Tai Cheong Bakery almost everywhere and their egg tarts are a MUST TRY. It is SO GOOD, I can't even begin to rave about how awesome it is. They also sell a bunch of other treats like a century egg version of a char siew sou, char siew sou, cheese egg tart and chicken pie. The rest of the baked goods aren't too bad but I'll be contended with just having the egg tart. It's especially awesome when it's just out of the oven, during a nice, chilly winter afternoon. The tart is very similar to the ones you get at Bengawan Solo, but it is a lot more buttery and crumbly. The yellow part is soft and sweet, but not overbearingly so. 2 thumbs up*

Australia Dairy Company, best way to start your day, everyday. Do note that the place is closed on Thursdays. I had a tough time getting the name right at first. There was Australian Dairy Company and Australian Dairy Farm, but after looking over the pictures again, I finally committed to memory the correct name of the place. I've never had scrambled eggs that tasted so heavenly. I'm not sure what it is they add to their eggs, most likely a good dollop of salted butter. Their puddings are also worth the try, but you should definitely share them with someone because it's too rich for one person to finish. The white ones taste like egg whites with milk and the yellow ones taste like egg yolks with almond. Personally, we preferred the white ones, only because the taste of yolk was a little too over powering. Sighs, I could eat this every day for breakfast and die happy.

Last food place for this entry is CRUMBS, Frozen Yogurt Station. Again, something that isn't authentic to Hong Kong. From what I heard, it originated from Australia? BUT, this isn't available in SG, so if you do go to HK, you have got to try this!! One of the best yogurt I've ever had. I think my sentiments after eating this was "I'll never look at Yoguru or Frolick the same way ever again." So, it's pretty pricey, as are all yogurt places, but it is worth the money (and calories). It taste a lot creamier than your usual yogurt, so obviously not for the freaking health conscious people out there. But for normal people, this is a good dessert to have after a meal. The toppings will knock your socks off. They have their signature crumbs, and they also have toppings like caramelised bananas and brownies! All your inner fat kids must be screaming with joy right now, ha-ha.

Do stay tune for the next food post that will be featuring more authentic HK cuisines :)


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