#5 Hong Kong Sights
Thursday, 31 January 2013

Life for me right now is so boring that I've nothing remotely interesting to blog about. My weekdays are super routine - go to school, go home, eat, sleep, study. Weekends - go out, eat, go home/go party. My BLGF asked me on FB today "What's 'in' in SG right now?" because he feels out of the loop with things. Sad to say, I didn't know what to reply him besides the recently opened Aquarium at RWS. Part of me just wants to travel really badly, even for just a short trip, so that I can break the monotony that's already settling in after 4 weeks of school.

Glad to report that I'M GOING FOR EXCHANGE this summer! Granted it's only a summer exchange, but it's still ONE WHOLE MONTH in CANADA! Plus, the plan is to travel the West Coast of USA once I'm done with my summer term. USA and CANADA, 2 countries that I've never been to before; am lactating with excitement right now.

Anyway, enough rambling. Will update more about my exchange after I've attended the up-coming info-session. On to interesting sights of my Hong Kong trip back in December 2012. I'm only going to include places that I find special or breath taking or both. Everything else (random rubbish photos that I took) won't be included for the sake of not making this entry crazy long.

View of the city skyline from 星光大道.

Forever Young.


Most HIPSTER Starbucks I've ever come across.

View from Victoria Peak (day to night).

Goldfish Market.

Hong Kong's HDB.

(unintentionally) HILARIOUS signs at one of the night markets.

Tram Ride.

Agnès B. Cafe.

Before bidding farewell to Hong Kong.


That's about it for interesting sights of my Hong Kong trip. Do check out my Part01 and Part02 entries about Hong Kong food :) Will do one final entry about my #ootd(s) in Hong Kong soon.


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