#8 Pre-Summer Exchange
Saturday, 16 February 2013

Uh-huh, that's right bitches! I'm going to CANADA! Think I've already mentioned this in an earlier post, but I promised I'd do a proper entry about it once I've gone for the info-session. Technically, I should be asleep right now because I've to be up in 3.5 hours time for school. Yet somehow, I can't fall asleep. Hence, I decided to blog instead, heh. LACTATING WITH EXCITEMENT about my summer exchange. Have never been to North America before and for my first time there, I'll be spending approximately 7 weeks exploring the place! Well, 4 weeks will be spent in Vancouver but the remaining 3 will be in USA.

Originally, the plan was to fly to Vancouver, then hop on over to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Bangkok (since we need to transit somewhere in Asia anyway) and back to Singapore. However, after speaking to the travel agent, apparently special arrangements can be made to accommodate a cheaper, 2-way ticket. So the plan changed to transiting for a few days in Hong Kong instead of Bangkok. BUT, after today's session, I've been convinced by my friends to visit NYC and see Niagara Falls while at the west coast. SO, will no longer be touring Hong Kong for a few days; the money shall be spent exploring new found land instead, ha-ha. Hopefully my dad will be okay with this, I'm not sure how it'll affect the budget he has currently set aside for me. PLUS, I want to sky dive VERY BADLY over in Whistler (heard it's about $400?). Will find one day when he is in a good mood to discuss this >.<

Glad that the university is liberal enough to allow mixed gender accommodation. After seeing the people today, I have a strong feeling I might not be able to get along with some of them. I mean, there's this one weird guy that's notorious in my year, but I'll just minimise interaction with him. It's the bunch of alpha males that kept asking about the night life and clubbing scene and boozing age limit etc. that I fear I might butt heads with. Super stereotypical bonafide straight dudes who are insanely homophobic, at least that's the vibe I get. Then again, I've been wrong about my judgements before, so I'll remain cordial and friendly. As long as you don't step on my toes, I won't step on yours :)

The tours that the school has planned for us doesn't sound particularly exciting. It's a lot of sightseeing and embracing the beauty of nature. I guess we can't possibly be partying every week, but if I have to spend every weekend looking at some mountains or watching the sun set, I'll cry. The hostel looks quite ugly also, but it wasn't something unexpected. Can't believe meal plans aren't provided, but I suppose cooking will be fun :D Think the one thing I'm looking forward to while in Canada is taking the 5 hours bus ride over to Seattle during the last weekend in June to attend their Gay Parade! I REALLY hope that CY and I will be able to make it, wave our rainbow flags and interact with fabulous people in a foreign land.

Super grainy because I was cam-whoring with the front camera =X (this is the original size)

Met up with Aaron after we finished our info-session and spent the next 2 hours chilling over at Starbucks. It was pouring like a crazy deranged whore but the Starbucks over at PS was insanely crowded. Hence, we took out our very auntie looking umbrellas, braved the torrential rain, and trudged on over to The Cathay's outlet. Did super inane things like read 8 Days and watch videos of Xiaxue's Guide to Life on our laptops. Gossip gossip gossip and before we knew it, it was time to meet the girls for dinner.

Had Mexican food for dinner over at this place called Bajas Fresh(?) I found it a bit ironic that we were having Mexican food because my brother was just complaining to me the other day about how there's no nice and affordable Mexican food outlets to dine at in Singapore. The food wasn't too bad and I felt that it was reasonably priced. Then again, my brother is damn fussy when it comes to food so I don't know if I would recommend him the place. I'm generally not fussy, so given that the food wasn't knock-your-socks-off kind of good, I don't think he'll enjoy the food there. Do give it a try if you want, it's at Rendezvous Hotel, opposite SOTA/SMU.

Alley Bar (super leylong, 25 Green Apple/Lychee shots for $60 nett)

Being the alcoholics that we are, we went to booze after dinner. There was actually talks of going clubbing, since there's this PopTart event over at Velvet Underground. However, Aaron and I were in shorts so we ruled out clubbing almost immediately. Had 2 rounds of leylong drinks over at Alley Bar before heading over to 5(?) for more (I'm bad with remembering the names of places). Ordered a few snacks to munch on while boozing and I'm feeling a tad guilty right now for eating so much :( Fries and cockles, sigh pie* How to become anorexic like that?!?

Alright, going to end off here and try to catch some zzZzZ... (please let me survive tomorrow)


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