#24 Liese Chiffon Beige
Friday, 19 April 2013

Liese Chiffon Beige, S$19.90 (from NTUC)

I've seen a couple of bloggers and friends use this brand of hair dye before, so I decided to give home DIY hair dyeing another try. I've dyed my hair at home before, with my mum's help. But I never really got the desired outcome that I wanted. It usually turns out a very ah beng shade of brownish orange. When I was younger, I was contented with that because as long as it wasn't black, I was satisfied. Yet, as we all know, the older we get, the more vain we are. So after I finished NS, I started getting my hair dyed at salons instead. Always got the desired outcome I wanted after that, but at a sizable cost. It's so expensive to get my hair dyed at a salon, especially if I want it bleached. The maintenance costs is just insane; which might explain why I've only gotten my hair bleached once in my life. I'm thinking of bleaching it again before I go on exchange, but for now, I wanted a quick fix to even out my hair colour because my black roots have been rearing their ugly heads for a while now.

After using this hair dye, I didn't really notice much of a difference? I think home DIY hair dyeing is quite a case by case basis when it comes to the success rate. For me, I think I'll stick to salons. I have a feeling the nature of my hair is as stubborn as the nature of my personality. It requires professionals to know how to strip it of it's black colour.
But, no complaints. Even though the difference is subtle, I'm sure that it at least did it's job of hiding the black roots to a certain extent? Anyway, it's only about a month more before I visit the salon for one last time before I fly off. Still deciding what colour to get for my Canada exchange, ha-ha. OMG, can this entry be any more frivolous?
Oh right, I tried the hair dye on my brows - didn't work FYI. And yes, my face is still healing from my drunken escapade. Hopefully the scars will heal and fade off by the start of June.



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