#22 Monday Madness
Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Got to love the fact that the school is so near to The Standing Sushi Bar :) They have so many awesome promotions for different days of the week and the close proximity makes the place an ideal choice for dinner, especially after a day of 2 finals exams in a row. Glad to report that IEA and Ethics final examinations are OVER! I'm left with BP finals next Monday morning and I'll officially be done with Year 2 of University life :D

The Ethics paper was manageable. I didn't have enough time to finish though, not sure if many did. Pretty insane to have to write 3 essays in 2 hours, especially when throughout the whole semester, we have not done a single practise paper. Wrote until my hands hurt, which was kind of pathetic compared to my JC days, where I could easily churn out 5 literature essays in a row, in legible handwriting no less. My handwriting has really deteriorated since I entered NS. Hopefully the Professor can read what I wrote, LOL.
As for the IEA paper, I did the best I could given my total disinterest for the module. Hey, at least I stayed in the examination hall all the way until the end of the paper. I had this notion in my head, whereby if I had no idea how to do the essay questions at all, I would just submit my script and walk out. Fortunately though, I managed to pull some bullshit out of thin air and wrote quite a substantial amount of "stuff". Unfortunately, the MCQ was tougher than I had anticipated. I'm honestly not expecting anything more than a C for this module.

Ultimately, there is nothing that good food and good company can't remedy :) Despite waiting in line for 90 minutes just to get a seat in the restaurant, I truly enjoyed myself during dinner. Partly because the food was good, partly because of my Ethics group mates and partly because it was so cheap. 4 of us shared the 2 platters of sushi (Rockstar & All Salmon All The Time) which added up to be S$8 per pax. I had 2 portions of Sashimi (5 slices per portion) and a shot of Saké. Overall, after tax, I spent S$16.50. I guess the downsides to the place are that the promotions are only valid for dinner (I'm usually not in school until that late) and that the place is small, so if you don't go early, expect to wait for a long time.


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