#18 Plain Vanilla
Saturday, 6 April 2013

Accompanied the kat all the way to Holland Village to purchase Plain Vanilla cupcakes today. He had like 5 empty boxes from the place that he was planning to return because the place seems to have this policy, that for every box of 6 or more that you return to them, you can redeem one cupcake on the house. Ha-ha, it was quite funny when he was advising the people ahead of us in the queue what to get,  the lady pointed at all his empty boxes, smiled and said "Clearly, you're an expert."
I tried the Red Velvet cupcake later in the evening when we were having drinks over at Introbar. Definitely one of the better cupcakes I've tasted, better than the popular Twelve Cupcakes in my opinion. Don't think I have any other friend that is this crazy over baked goods, can never go wrong when taking his advice on what's good and what isn't :)



written at 02:54