#25 Poulét (amazing french roast chicken)
Monday, 22 April 2013

Hurrah! Hurray! Hooray! (however you want to spell it) Finals are officially over (for me) and I'm done with my 2nd year of university! I can't believe 2 years have just gone by like that. Wouldn't exactly say that the time flew by, but it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that in 2 more years, I will be 25, have graduated from SMU (hopefully) and will be scrambling to find a job like my other female counterparts who are mostly graduating this year. Gosh, the number of "last semester" albums I've seen on Facebook plus the number of "submitting my thesis at last" photos makes me wonder what it'll be like when my time is finally here.

But, that's all in the future. I'm more of a live-in-the-moment kind of person. Celebrated the end of BP Finals by going to this place (titled) for lunch. Along the way, we stopped by the thrift shop, NEW2U, that I saw some people talking about online. I've actually been there before, years ago with my JC friends. Nothing much to buy for guys, but I think if you're a relatively fashion savvy girl, there are a few good finds at the place.

Anyway, I've seen photos of people eating at Poulét before, so even though it was an impromptu decision to dine at this restaurant, I was actually quite looking forward to lunch. WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I wouldn't recommend eating at the place - mediocre food and super not worth the money. The French Onion Soup was so-so and I didn't try the Oxtail de Bourguignon. The Poulét Rosti, which is supposed to be the highlight of their menu, was soooooooooooooo blah. I think the chicken breast that my maid cooks for me at home tastes even better, honestly. Ended up spending $20 and being super dissatisfied. So the group of us adjourned over to 記得吃 for desserts that I know won't disappoint and I felt much better after that, ha-ha.

Headed back home around 1500H; kind of a sad way to celebrate the end of Finals, I know. But, most people are still busy mugging/working/are abroad so I didn't have any kakis to chill with. PLUS, I was running on 4 hours of sleep so I celebrated by going home and taking a long afternoon nap. I just hope this won't be how the rest of my summer (before I fly off for exchange at least) will turn out to be, LOL.



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