#31 Body Pump
Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Went for my FIRST ever Body Pump lesson at Fitness First on Sunday with the BLGF :) Talk about a weekend of firsts - first time eating at Peperoni Pizzeria and first (possibly last) time trying shisha on Saturday, first time going for a fitness class on Sunday. It's Wednesday as I'm churning out this entry and my arms and thighs are STILL aching. But it's a good kind of pain I suppose, compared to say, a headache as a result from a hangover, ha-ha. Very thankful that the BLGF brought me along for the workout. He can apparently sign one guest in every weekend. Guess I know what I'll be doing for the next few Saturdays/Sundays before I fly off in June :D Hopefully I won't be so embarrassing after attending a few more lessons, LOL. *think uncontrollable shaking thighs*

Couldn't really decide where to go for dinner so we settled for a cheap and good meal at Ambush, Takashimaya. We both had the paella, which wasn't that bad to be honest. Actually, I'm not too sure what paella is supposed to taste like; only had it once the other time at Medz but it didn't leave much of an impression on me. Either way, dinner at Ambush was good. We both had the set that came with a soup and iced tea. The soup sucks, so I'd opt for just adding a drink the next time. I mean, it is more worth it to get the set, but ultimately, why pay a bit more for something you don't want right?

Ended the night off with coffee at Starbucks. Needed a little pick-me-up from walking around so much after gym-ing. Besides, I haven't had my Starbucks fix for the longest time. The past few times I've swung by school, the queue at the Raffles City outlet was so insane that I had to settle for Koufu Coffee  :( I realise this entry is kind of boring - me rambling on and on about food, ha-ha. Such is life in Singapore I suppose, just hang in there for a few more entries and I'll be updating about life abroad soon :)


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