#32 Chomp Chomp Food Center
Thursday, 9 May 2013

Finally went to Chomp Chomp after I don't know how many months. Used to frequent the place quite a bit back in my NS days; my air force clique really enjoyed going there for dinner together. But after 2 of us ORD-ed and another 2 of us went abroad for work, we've hardly met up anymore :(
Moreover, I haven't been there for so long, partly because I don't have friends who want to go and partly because the place is super inconvenient for me to travel to. Usually I'll have friends from my clique who drive. But this time round, I went with my ethics group mates and we took a bus from Nex :) I finally know how to get there via public transport, ha-ha.

In the words of Joan, we ate like monsters. Definitely over ordered; should have bought 1 large plate of Hokkien Mee to share instead of 2 medium plates. I felt damn fucking full and damn fucking fat after that. Even after walking around for a bit, I still felt like I was going to give birth. I don't know how the rest of them still managed to go to the other coffee shop nearby for Roti Prata. I think if I had put another morsel in my mouth, I would have thrown up for sure.
But on hindsight, the prata did look really good. I think I'll try it the next time I'm there. Fortunately by the time they were done, the place that we were headed to for dessert was closed. *phew* Cabbed home with Ryan and Joan in the end because we were all too lazy to take public transport. Sighs, I would say "Make Chomp Chomp more accessible", but the place is crowded enough as it is. So, maybe it's a good thing that it isn't that accessible for everyone.

Sorry for boring everyone with yet another food entry, ha-ha. Countdown to summer exchange: 22 more days! I need to start packing soon; foresee it being a HUGE headache for me. I have to pack clothes for temperatures ranging from 12-30°C. Was drafting out a packing list yesterday and I gave up after I came to "clothes to pack for exchange". I'll think about it another day when I am super bored.


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