#36 Tanuki Raw
Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Met up with my girl Coco after the longest time. Haven't seen much of her this semester due to our clashing school schedules; plus the fact that someone got herself a boyfriend recently :) So she finally came back from her post exam vacation and we found the time to catch up before I fly off for exchange and before she starts her 6 month long internship. Chilled and chit chatted over coffee at Starbucks in the afternoon before we decided to give this place, Tanuki Raw, a try during dinnertime.

I found out that it is also managed or opened (or both) by the same person/people behind Standing Sushi Bar (SSB). Hence, the same logic/kiasu-ness should apply when dining at this place. Similar to it's sister restaurant, the place has very attractive promotions that draws in tons of traffic. Specifically, everyday between 1700H - 2000H, there is happy hour, where oysters are S$1 each and alcoholic drinks are slightly cheaper. Their policy is that you're allowed to order a dozen oysters for every alcoholic drink. They have a variety of oysters from all over the world, but most are S$5 each. Only the ones from Hiroshima, Japan are S$1. Not to worry about the quality though; like the salmon that goes for S$3 for 5 slices at SSB, the promotional food here is delicious despite the low prices.

Also similar to SSB, everything else on the menu that isn't on promotion is ridiculously expensive and not worth the price. As yummy as the Salmon Mentaiko Don that Coco had was, it was relatively tiny and cost her S$20! I ordered the Salmon Avocado, which was S$8, but the portion was EVENNNNN smaller than anything I had expected. My recommendation would be to go as early as possible, get yourself a nice pre-dinner cocktail and your dozen oysters before heading to somewhere else for your main course.

Wan swung by to meet us close to 1800H, making the RYG gathering complete. Unfortunately for him, they aren't allowed to serve people in military uniforms alcoholic drinks, LOL. Fortunately though, Coco's not much of an oyster person, so he had her share instead. It was overall a nice evening :) Pardon the lousy quality of the photo of the Salmon Avocado, I tried taking it numerous times with my iPhone but the salmon just didn't seem to want to get in focus on the camera. Oh and yes, the group shot was taken with a front camera, thus the grainy effect, ha-ha.

PS. I swear I'm not flexing in the last photo. My arm just happened to be in that position.

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