#38 Wave House Restaurant & Bar
Friday, 24 May 2013

Visited the beach again, after I don't know how long, just to chill and play some beach volleyball. Ended up not playing much because firstly, I sort of strained my injured knee the day before playing volleyball at NIE (accidentally landed on another blocker's foot). Additionally, my brother's friends don't really know how to play so it wasn't that fun to be frank.

Had a super late lunch over at Wave House Restaurant & Bar and my verdict is to NEVER eat there again. The food is horrendous, like honestly. If it weren't for the 1-for-1 promotion, lunch would have been a terrible waste of money. I didn't photograph all the food that was ordered, only those that were on my end of the table. The seafood stew is definitely not worth S$29. There was no redeeming factor to the dish. The peas were mushy, the scallops/prawns/fish were over cooked and broth tasted nothing like any stew I know. Moreover, I have a sinking suspicion that the mussels they used aren't fresh. They were smelly and a day after eating them, I had diarrhoea. If you really MUST eat there, I recommend ordering the fail-proof dishes like their pasta, mushroom soup, garlic bread or fries. Otherwise, either bring your own picnic basket to dine under some coconut tree or wait until you're back at Vivo City to eat.

Sigh pie, I hope my knee heals soon. Body has been giving me so much problems recently. Aside from the knee strain, I've been hit with waves of flu and fever. I don't want to be sick when I fly off! Have roughly a week left to get healthy and enjoy the rest of summer :)



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