#41 The One Before The Summer Exchange
Friday, 31 May 2013

Heh, any excuse to club is a good enough reason right? Can't believe that I'm flying off tomorrow, feeling excited but nervous at the same time. It'll be the first time I'm gone from home for such a long time (7 weeks to be exact). The longest so far was the 2 week confinement in NS, LOL. By the time I'm back, my baby girl will be 9 months old! Doubt she'll be able to recognise me when I get back. I'm excited because even though it's an exchange, I'm viewing this as more of a really long ass holiday, ha-ha. I'm nervous because firstly, I've never been to the States or Vancouver before. Plus I'm travelling with others who are as new to the place as I am and lastly, I don't know anyone who's staying at the places I'm visiting. Talk about venturing into new found land. Never been really good with adjusting to change, guess I'll be forced to learn on this trip. One thing I'm SUPER looking forward to though - SKYDIVING. If I do die there, at least it'll be while doing something adventurous.

The drowsy medication I took isn't kicking in yet, damn. Have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow morning before meeting the ubin girls at night for a barbecue at some Changi chalet. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep soon.


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