#28 Labour Day (2013)
Wednesday, 1 May 2013

LABOUR DAY dinner with the family over at 华友园 Seafood Restaurant.

I'd really recommend everyone to go there once to eat with your household. Good food at a reasonable price. However, some advice before you do go - make a reservation a few days in advance and try to eat early. They're relatively understaffed, so the food takes a while damn long to be served. Also, the earlier you dine, the less crowded the place is and the more the wait staff can tend to you. Something I overheard the older people talking about - don't order the Shark's Fin Soup. It costs about S$30+ per bowl and is apparently not worth it. We definitely over ordered for 7 people (6 technically because my father and sister-in-law don't eat much). There was also Asparagus with Mushrooms and Yam Paste that were too ugly to be photographed. Even as I'm typing this, roughly 4 hours after finishing dinner, I'm still fucking full. Anyway, HAPPY LABOUR DAY everyone, it's finally May :D



written at 23:53