#52 GRUB
Wednesday, 14 August 2013

OMG, I know I have yet to blog ANYTHING about my summer in the United States, but I'm still in the process of editing my photos :( There's really A LOT of photos, kind of went a little too trigger happy in LA, what with visiting all the Warner Brother's and Universal Studio sets. I think I'll probably get to posting a few entries about Seattle and San Francisco soon >.<

Anyway, I decided to do a little filler post about this cafe I went to visit the other day. It's quite newly opened so I don't know how many people have been there before. The address is included in the picture above. If you do want to give the place a try, I highly recommend going early on a weekday. The place is relatively small, so seating is severely limited. PLUS, it seems to be quite popular, so again, go early if you want to avoid queues.

This is sort of what it looks like inside the cafe. The decor is simple, with wooden furniture and brick walls all over. I guess its to suit the Bishan Park environment. I had originally planned to bring my camera out to take a few photos. Obviously, I forgot; hence all the photos are taken and edited on my iPhone4S. I can't understand why I forgot my camera - I wasn't even in a rush out of the house or anything. I suppose once I got back to Singapore, it was no longer a habit of mine to bring my camera with me everywhere I go. Nice ambience - quiet and relaxing; except for that one moment when an electric drill suddenly went off for a couple of seconds and a baby in the cafe started wailing non-stop.

Overall, I felt that the taste of the food was disappointing. Maybe because I went there with slightly high expectations? I didn't get to try what I initially wanted to get because it is only available on the weekends before 1400H. So here's a tip, if you want more options, go early on the weekends. As a result, we had to settle for a smaller list of options.

I read some reviews and the Crispy Fish Burger and GRUB Cheeseburger were highly recommended. However, the fish that I saw in some of the reviews were much larger and longer (sounds dirty, ha-ha) than the one KAT got that day. I guess perhaps my picture would be more representative of the size you should be expecting? Maybe the ones I saw online were bigger because the cafe knew that the people eating were famous bloggers.

The cheeseburger was rather 'meh'. I wanted to choose the done-ness of the beef but was told that it is standardised to be well done. Weird. On the whole, I felt that the bun and beef patty tasted not too bad, but the accompanying Monterey Jack Cheese, tomato slice and ice berg lettuce did not go well with the burger.

Nothing much to rave about the churros as well. They were quite stingy with the dipping sauce provided and I would have liked the churros to be crispier. To be honest, I find the churros at Nebo Cafe (next to the cinema in AMK Hub) nicer.

The only redeeming dish for the night (in my opinion at least) was the Slow Roasted Pork Belly. It's a couple bucks more expensive than the burgers, but if you do decide to visit the place, I highly recommend just forking out that few more dollars and ordering the other main courses (that aren't burgers).

I guess the affordable prices make up for the less than stellar food - most items are below S$15 and everything is below S$20. Alright, please stay tune for more entries! I promise to update more often for whoever visits this space :)



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