#56 Canon Powershot G15
Monday, 2 September 2013

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My dad came home the other day from some country club event with his golf kakis and presented me with a new camera that he won during the lucky draw. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, it's a Canon Powershot G15. I didn't upload a photo of the camera because the one I took of it was with my iPhone4S and I figured the highlight of this entry should be focused more on the quality of the photos taken with my new camera :)

I brought it out over the weekend for a dry run, and coincidentally enough, I spent both days at Millennia Walk (albeit one day was with friends and another was with the family). I didn't go trigger happy and snap like a whole bunch of photos, but these are 3 that I took at 2 different F&B outlets. Not too bad right? I mean, compared to the quality of my normal photos that I take with my iPhone4S. Maybe I should consider bringing the camera out more often.

I've always loved Canon cameras. The one that I brought with me on exchange is from Canon as well, although it isn't as new as the G15 (it's a S100). The only problem, really, is that the G15 is somewhat bulkier than the other normal cameras so it'll be a tad more troublesome to lug around. Definitely smaller and more compact than a DSLR, but still bulky enough that I'll require a medium sized bag. Still, it'll be quite a waste to just leave this baby at home and not put her to good use. We'll see I guess :)


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