#62 Lobster Sashimi
Monday, 9 September 2013

I mentioned in one of my entries that my brother and dad went for a short fishing trip at god-knows-where some where in Indonesia and they came back with LOBSTERS! Okay, to clarify, they didn't catch the lobsters, ha-ha. They actually bought it from the fishermen on their way back from their trip and my brother was raving about the lobsters to the family because every time he goes for his fishing trips, he always eats lobster sashimi at the fishermen's stall.

So this time, him and my dad decided to buy some home for the rest of the family to try :) I know it doesn't look very appetising in the photo since it's raw and all, but it tastes really good. It's sort of like raw prawn, but sweeter and with more bite. Glad I was able to try it - something new besides your usual salmon/tuna sashimi. Yum*


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