#69 Project Agape: Kashgar
Sunday, 6 October 2013

You have no idea how freaking happy and excited I was when I read this email this morning during my Consumer Behaviour meeting in school (yeah, FML right? Meeting on a Sunday morning, during recess week some more). I honestly lost count of how many OCSP interviews I signed up for since the start of this year (at least 10, seriously). And the countless rejection from all the OCSP was making me feel very bitter and annoyed towards all the projects because in my mind I was all like "why doesn't anyone want me?"

However, after reviewing what went wrong in all my past interviews, I got to say that it all boils down to the fact that I have terrible interview skills. Perhaps the difference for my Project Agape interview was that I went in more prepared, and I was sincerely keen and interested in going for this community service project in China. I'm super stoked that the community service involves liaising with a university there and helping them come up with an English course structure. How cool is that right? I mean, it's so different from the usual building of something or teaching of something to the less fortunate. We'll be actually developing a curriculum of sorts for a university no less. Plus, doesn't hurt that the accommodations are supposedly going to be hotels (cheers to not sleeping in tents or on the floor).

I'm really super excited about this OCSP and I guess the whole point of this really wordy entry is just to express how grateful I am in general for the way things worked out in the end. I was pretty jaded after my billionth rejection that I told myself "fuck it, I'm just going to apply for local CSP or something." But I don't know why I decided to just give interviewing for OCSP one last attempt and looked how it turned out! Goes to show that with perseverance, there are indeed certain obstacles that we can overcome. Okay, enough with me spewing cheesy nonsense, going to bum around on my bed because I've only had 5 hours of sleep today (ha-ha, went out to party the night before the meeting, oops).


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