#73 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 01)
Friday, 1 November 2013

I chanced upon this 30 Day Blog Challenge the other day while surfing random bloggers' web pages. Of course, I created my own photo for the check list because all the other lists I googled online were really ugly (yeah I'm OCD like that). Decided that November's probably a good month to try this out since it has just nice 30 days. Hopefully I'll be able to find time to do this challenge and not be so tied down with work that this becomes a chore. For now, I'm looking at this as a good excuse for me to take a short break every day and free my mind of school stuff for a while. Alright, enough rambling.

So, Day 01 is to: write some basic things about myself.

I guess if you're reading this space, you're probably already a friend? I don't suppose I'll have a following of strangers who are interested in what's going on in my life. BUT, just in case there are people who read my blog and aren't friends of mine, I'd like to first say "HELLO!" :)

Basic things about myself... My name is Tristan, I'm sure it's stated somewhere here in my blog page. My parents and friends who've known me before university pronounce it "try-stern" although I know the more common pronunciation is "trees-tern". Hence, I've stopped correcting people and will respond to either pronunciation. I'm a 1990s baby, so you do the math to figure out how old I am.

Currently an undergraduate at SMU pursuing a degree in Business. Am majoring in Corporate Communications and Marketing even though I've yet to declare the latter as my second major. Shall do that once bidding is over. Let's see, what else. I used to play volleyball competitively, until a serious injury in 2007. Long story short, I tore 2 of my ligaments in the right knee and it took me like almost a year before the leg became fully functional again.

Hobbies Things I normally do to past time include watching YouTube videos, going out to eat (I love trying out new places), going to LAN shops and clubbing (although I'm honestly trying my best to cut down). Yup, I guess that's enough basic things about myself :D Keep checking this space daily and I'll do my best to keep with the 30 Day Blog Challenge.



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