#75 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 03)
Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 03: your day in great detail.

As I am sitting here in front of my laptop, with 30 minutes left to go before the day comes to an end, I'm contemplating a number of ways to churn out this entry. Originally, the plan was to do it like a story. However, it's been a while since I've done any creative writing, so I decided to not go ahead and embarrass myself. I also considered doing it like a normal blog entry, but doing one in great detail, especially with regards to a day that wasn't anything out of the ordinary, feels like it'll be one big yawn. Hence, I settled on doing the entry as more of a reflection of my day, kind of from a retrospective point of view? Hopefully, it won't be THAT dull.

So... I woke up around 10-ish in the morning, even though I set the alarm for 1100H. On days where I don't have morning classes, I've come to realise that I'll automatically wake up before the alarm rings. Not entirely sure if it's a good or bad thing, seeing as how I would love to clock as much sleep as possible whenever I can. Either way, I switched off the alarm in my phone and popped downstairs to look for something to devour for brunch.

Unfortunately, the house is fresh out of cornflakes and I was honestly too lazy to prepare or wait for anything to be cooked. Without much of a choice, I ate a couple of 'kuehs' and dim sum that my mother had bought from the wet market. The 'kuehs' were insanely oily and I felt kind of guilty for eating them. Then, as per my morning routine, I went to brush my teeth (yes, I do this after I've eaten breakfast, don't ask me why), take my Vitamin A and Omega Fish Oil capsules and drink my daily dose of Vitamin C + Zinc water. Ever since I've returned from exchange, I've made it a conscious effort to take my vitamins daily.

Once all that was done, I tidied up my room a bit, put away clothes that had been washed and sunned before plonking myself back onto my bed, where I spent the next hour or so clearing my school and personal email accounts.

Around noon, my family had gathered back downstairs for lunch. My brother and sister-in-law had just gotten back from buying their lunches and I had myself a bowl of grapes since I was still full from my sinful brunch. Another hour or so passed by as we chit chatted about nothing particularly significant and tried to get my niece to eat her lunch. We played with her for a bit before it was time for her afternoon nap.

Again, I found myself back on my bed, where I wasted the rest of the afternoon away watching YouTube videos and laughing my ass off. At the same time, I was of course on and off the various social media outlets - liking Instagram photos, reading tweets and checking out news articles that people have been sharing on Facebook. Today's article of interest: some crazy woman who went to destroy the moving-rain-installation thing at the Changi Airport Terminal.

Around 1630H, I went to take a dump and a shower to get ready for dinner. The family was going for a buffet at The Fullerton Hotel with the in-laws; a treat from my dad after he struck first prize in 4D (winning number was my room number for the up-coming cruise that the family is going on in December). Did my usual preparations to get ready and thought to myself - how I wish I could get my hair to stay this length forever. It's the perfect balance between not too long and not too short right now. Give it a week or two and I'll be back at the hair salon again, meh.

Left home a little later than planned because we had to change my niece's diaper at the last minute. Dinner was a pleasant affair; the food selection and quality was good and the service from the staff was impeccable. I ate till I couldn't eat anymore, even though I know I should have stopped somewhere along my first round of desserts. Then we left the old people behind to talk about their old people stuff while we brought baby Tara around the hotel to explore. She's really getting the hang of walking, even though she can't walk very far on her own right now. But, give it a month or two and I'm pretty sure she'll be running around the house, causing more mayhem than she already is. Good mayhem of course; my mother was just commenting about how the house has been so quiet recently, until her birth. I guess in a way, her presence has brought the family closer as well. I'm thankful to have my niece in my life and I love her with all my heart :)

Headed straight home after dinner because it was close to baby girl's bed time. Once I got home, I immediately showered and spent the next 2 hours in front of my laptop, checking pass BOSS results, whatsapping school mates and running my degree progress report to prepare for tomorrow's bidding of next semester modules. Was agonising about the atrocious timings of my corporate communication modules offered as well as my lack of e$ credits. Finally settled the courses I want to take and the amounts I plan to bid for each of them (more or less). Which brings us to this moment, where I'm churning out this blog entry to keep up with the 30 Day Blog Challenge that I've set for myself.



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