#76 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 04)
Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 04: The meaning behind your Tumblr name.

Okay, I'm blogging in class right now and I uploaded the photo whilst en route to school for lesson. Clearly, I'm doing my best to stick to this challenge. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will be a relatively short entry. I'm supposed to explain the origins of 'thehavocmama' - my Blog and Tumblr name.

Basically, it's just an alias that I came up for myself, around the time when I started using Instagram and Twitter. I wanted a nickname that was original, creative and memorable, as opposed to one that just combines my first and last name together. It was also around the same time when Cooking Mama and Lady Gaga were very popular. As such, I wanted to incorporate the repetition of the last syllable into my nickname as well. I came up with 'havocmama' because that was the period where I probably clubbed the most, thus the term havoc, ha-ha. The reason why my Blog and Tumblr has the additional 'the' in front of my nickname is because 'havocmama' is already taken on Blogger, by someone who hasn't updated much at all if I may add. -annoying-

PS. Link to my Tumblr account can be located in the navigation bar of my blog (above this entry).


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