#78 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 06)
Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Day 06: What band or musician is most important to you?

Once again, blogging in class, LOL. Anyway, with regards to today's entry, I'm not really sure how to properly answer the question. There really isn't any particular band or musician who is/are important to me. When I think of 'important', I assume that it brings with it connotations of being a core shaker or changing my life to a large extent

Hence, I decided to highlight my favourite singer of all time instead :) If you can't recognise her, you've been living under a rock, at the bottom of a volcano, that's been lying dormant under the sea. It's Christina Aguilera! Up till now, I still don't understand why Britney was more successful and popular than her back in the 90's. Christina is so much more talented! Her voice totally trashes Britney's (no offence to Britney fans). And please, just take a look and compare both their acting debut on the big screen. Crossroads versus Burlesque, no competition, ha-ha. 

Okay, going back to pretending to pay attention in class, till tomorrow :)



BOSS Bidding results are out and FINALLY, for the first time in my 3 years in SMU, I got all my bids during the first window. Plus, I was only over the median bid for 1 module and it was by e$0.01 :) Can I hear a FUCK YEAH! #nomorebiddingwoes

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