#82 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 10)
Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day 10: If you could only live off 1 food & 1 beverage for the rest of your days, what will they be?

If anyone knows me well at all, the answer for today's entry will be pretty obvious. As much as I love to eat and drink, I have 2 go-to-favourites when I have any problems making up my mind on where to go. Coffee is an essential staple for me, since being a SMUgger sucks the life out of you most of the time. I usually just get the ones from the school's food court, but if I have the time and money, I would indulge in a cup of Starbucks :)

Too much caffeine can be bad though. Hence, my 1 favourite drink has got to be their Green Tea Latte. I have a very specific order that sort of evolved from my own preferences as well as a good friend's recommendation. My order is an "extra hot venti green tea latte with an extra scoop of matcha and 1 less pump of syrup".

However, I try not to place this order if there's a long queue, partly because I don't want to be too troublesome and partly because I have a feeling that my order will get lost in translation somehow during peak periods.

It's also super obvious that my favourite type of cuisine has got to be Japanese. I LOVE ramen and I LOVE sushi, but if I HAVE to pick between the 2, it has got to be sushi. I've actually mentioned this in passing a lot of times, that if I have to live off a type of food for the rest of my life, it'll be sushi, ha-ha.

And honestly, I have low expectations when it comes to sushi. I mean, I like sushi from Sakae Sushi and Nihonmura. Usually, people complain that the standard sucks, but I think it's not too bad. I even enjoy sushi from the supermarket! Don't get me wrong though, I've had my fair share of bad sushi before, where the rice tasted like normal plain rice instead of Japanese rice and the seaweed was so chewy I felt like I was eating some sort of tape.

Damn, talking about food is making me hungry. *runs off to the kitchen*


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