#88 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 16)
Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 16: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on Earth?

Well, there are certain questions to ask before I am able to answer this. First, am I suppose to answer from a point of view whereby I don't suddenly have tons of money or access to do anything I wouldn't normally be able to, from anywhere in the world? Or am I limited to do things from where I'm currently located, with whatever resources I've got? I guess perhaps my answer will come in two parts - Reality and Fantasy.


There a few items on my bucket list and if the world were to end tomorrow, I'll definitely try to cover as many of them as possible. In addition to visiting the places that I listed in a previous entry, I would also love to bungee jump and ride in a hot air balloon (preferably whilst watching the sun rise). Once I've done that, I'll want to have a couple of hours of amazing sex with anyone who is mind-blowingly hot, preferably some porn star. THEN, I'll want to sky dive one last time and land in an amazing spot (with a view) where I'll have dinner consisting of all the finest delicacies in the world, sipping the most exquisite flute of champagne whilst I watch the world come to an end.


Since I'll be in Singapore, I'll probably spend the last day with my family. We'll have an amazing brunch with the works - this includes creamy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, plump sausages, oven roasted vine tomatoes, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms, brioche and a nice cold glass of hazelnut latte. You can see where I'm going with this. It's my last day before the world ends so I'll fucking eat everything I want. After stuffing myself silly in the morning, I'll go for a wax and eyebrow threading, followed by a hair cut and dye job. I mean, I want to die looking my best right? Once that's done, I'll meet my family for dinner, which will consist of the most amazing Japanese food fare Singapore has to offer. Before heading home, I'll grab a bottle of champagne. I'll dress up in something comfortable but fashionable once home, crawl into bed all nice and snug, slowly sip my bubbly and wait for the world to end.



written at 23:59