#92 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 20)
Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 20: Concerts you have attended.

I've actually only attended one concert in my whole life (if you exclude all the school band concerts etc.) and it was when Jason Mraz came to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium back in 2011.

I didn't actually plan on going, because personally, I've always found concert tickets ridiculously expensive. Plus, I'm not THAT crazy over any artiste to want to go their concerts that badly. I rather put the money towards paying for a plane ticket or hotel or something, ha-ha. However, back then, one of my JC classmate's boyfriend wanted to bring her to the concert. Unfortunately, he didn't foresee the fact that there's a chance he might have enlisted by then. And wouldn't you know it, he couldn't make it for the concert and settled on selling it to me at a hugely discounted rate.

Mind you, it still wasn't cheap, especially given the fact that I had quite a miserable allowance back then. But, the concert was around the time I was turning 21 so I decided to treat myself. No regrets - really amazing to see Jason Mraz perform live and I've always been a huge fan. Would I do it again? Pay hundred over dollars to watch someone perform live? Probably not, unless I'm on vacation with a bunch of friends and everyone wants to go. Yup, I lead a pretty unexciting life, ha-ha. Okay, back to mugging procrastinating.



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