#97 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 25)
Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 25: Would you rather date someone plain with a nice personality or vice versa?

I mean, idealistically speaking, we would all love to date someone who is interesting AND has a nice personality. Unless you're one of those people who likes things to be predictable and stable, then I guess you would prefer someone who is plain with a nice personality. No one really goes for the bad boy/girl right? I mean, maybe to fool around with but not date seriously or settle down with? Or am I wrong? I don't know, personal opinion I suppose.

If I really REALLY had to pick one trait over the other, I would choose... Gosh, this is a tough choice to make. I'd pick the interesting but bitchy person. I've dated plain and nice before, I mean my ex was exactly that. And that was the reason why we broke up, I got bored =\ Not the best excuse I know, but I remember asking myself - are you in this because you just want to be in a relationship or do you really like the person? Yeah, for me I need someone that makes life interesting for me. Not like create unnecessary drama, I've got enough of that without trying. But interesting like, keeping things fresh? I mean, Singapore is boring enough, and I'm equally as boring. So I need someone who has ideas and a point of view to balance things out. Plus, I'm pretty bitchy myself so if I'm dating someone who's TOO nice and opposes all my bitchy comments/observation, we might have a problem, LOL.



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