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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Met up with my ex-ethics group mates the other day for a meal cum catch up session. Haven't seen most of them for the whole semester so it's good we finally found time to gather and exchange interesting anecdotes with regards to school. Originally planned to have steamboat around Bugis. However, seeing as how I had just returned from a cruise where I ate non-stop, I was against the idea of a buffet. So we settled for Japanese Cuisine at Standing Sushi Bar instead. For some reason, we assumed that since it's the school holidays, the place weren't be as packed with SMUggers. Sadly, the queue was insane and we decided to head on over to Saveur. Sighs, this seems to be a recurring pattern, no? Even then, we had to wait for a while at Saveur as well; hence the random photos of buildings and #ootd(s).

No regrets going there though, the food was just as good as I remembered. PLUS, I brought my camera along this time around = can photograph the food better :D We all ordered the same thing - Duck Confit with mashed potato, sauté shiitake, orange segments & orange-infused natural jus. We also shared the Saveur's Pasta - Capellini with chili oil, finely-chopped konbu, topped with minced pork sauce, chives & Sakura ebi. YUMS* Swung by 記得吃 for desserts after that, followed by a bit of shopping at Bugis+ before heading home. Gosh, can't believe the year's coming to an end already... I hope everyone is spending their last few days of 2013 wisely!


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