#137 Koh Grill Catch Up
Saturday, 22 February 2014

FOOODDDD! I can finally declare that recess week is here. What sucks more than having Friday classes? Having Saturday make-up classes because the professors are so busy that they forgot to plan their schedule properly. I guess on the bright side, I'm having a 2 day work week during Week 09. The bad news is, my recess week has barely started and I'm already somewhat drowning in the amount of work I have to get done. What's even more tiring to think about is how I'm jam packed with project meetings and OCSP commitments for the ENTIRE recess week. I should be working on my advertising project right now, but I told myself that I'm going to let my brain rest, till at least tomorrow evening. Thankfully there's nothing REALLY good Japanese food can't make better :D

Met up with my ex-nebo colleagues for dinner the other day; honestly can't remember the last time I met them. It's my fault really; there've been quite a few gatherings but I was unable to make all of them either due to prior commitments or the fact that I was under the weather. So I'm glad I had the chance for a much overdue catch up with the first group of people I got to call my work family. They were the ones who I spent most of my army days with, as well as during my pre and post enlistment period. There were definitely times when there were some drama between a few of us, but I guess those are what make even greater memories right? Ha-ha, meeting after god-knows-how-long and gossiping about the people we used to collectively dislike, LOL. #bitchy

I'm glad everyone's doing well and happy in their respective lives :) It's so weird to see how much we've all grown. I honestly hope to keep in touch with all of them, especially when I start working next time. Thanks for the treat Kat (though I doubt any of you read my blog, ha-ha). I'll remember to pay back your kindness next time when I earn my first real pay check.


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