#138 Azzura Beach Club
Monday, 24 February 2014

*very hot weather* Can't remember the last time I step foot into Sentosa, but I was just there on Sunday to celebrate the start of recess week. SADLY, I forgot to bring my island pass with me. To make things worse, they increased the entrance fee! Oh well, those things aside, I had an enjoyable day and am really thankful for the company that I had. It was also SMU's annual Waikiki (beach carnival) that day. But I steered clear of Palawan beach; was too lazy to socialise with people I hardly know to be honest.

Definitely took us a while to figure out where we wanted to settle down. I wasn't really concerned with the location actually. My main objective was to take photos, ha-ha. #instagramaddict Though I must say, Azzura Beach Club is quite a nice place to chill at. More accessible than Tanjong Beach Club, filled with less pretentious people and their menu items weren't exorbitantly over priced (still a tad over priced though). That said, if you dislike rowdy kids and prefer a more visually appealing crowd, than by all means head on over to TBC, ha-ha. Kicked back with a nice cold beer and chit-chatted the afternoon away, occasionally heading to the pool to cool off for a bit.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We're already well into the first two days of recess week as I'm churning out this entry. In a blink of an eye, it'll be over and the grunt of project deadlines and final exams will be looming. On top of that, I've yet to find myself an internship for the summer which is stressing me out like crazy. Shall attempt to send out a few resumes this week! Here's looking forward to my last summer (hopefully) and more fun times with this group of people :)


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