#143 Symmetry Cafe
Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Paid a visit to Symmetry Cafe over the weekend in my attempt to do more cafe hunting :) Was originally planning on visiting Stranger's Reunion after reading about the reviews by a few lifestyle bloggers. However, reviews by my friends gave me the impression that the place was more known for its coffee rather than the food. I think I mentioned it in another entry before, but I'm not much of a coffee expert. So the quality of food definitely matters more to me. Hence, after a bit more research and asking around, I decided to give this place a try instead.

I'd highly recommend making a reservation before heading down. It's pretty straightforward - the place uses the same system D.O.C uses to handle their reservations (available on their website). Anyway, the cafe is also conveniently located near Bugis MRT Station; which was fantastic because my friend and I spent a bit too long grooming in the toilet after gym and nearly missed our reservation, ha-ha.

Unfortunately, the dinner menu wasn't available yet (even though we went at 1640H?) so we settled for brunch main courses instead. We didn't want to over order as well because it was nearly dinner time and we were meeting another friend to eat at Glutton's Bay shortly after, ha-ha. REALLY wanted to try their Crispy Squid and Truffle Fries, but hey, I guess that's another excuse to re-visit the place right?

Food wise, I thought they were really good. But on hindsight, I was relatively famished so I may have embellished my verdict just a little, ha-ha. The items are quite expensive though, so I wouldn't recommend visiting the place too often, unless you are loaded. Also, even though a friend of mine recommended trying out their drinks, Casper and I decided to give it a miss because the drinks costs the same, if not more, than the food items. Maybe splurge if it's a special occasion? If not, settle for ice water or their coffee, which were standard price.

Overall, I'm planning to give this place another visit one day, hopefully to try out their dinner menu. But for now, there are a bunch of other cafes that I'm hoping to visit soon. Here's to more cafe adventures :D



written at 16:23