#144 Stranger's Reunion
Monday, 17 March 2014

I know it says Waffle Slayer in the picture above, ha-ha. But Casper and I actually went to Stranger's Reunion on Sunday after our gym session. The 2 cafes are located side by side and managed by the same team. I guess the only difference is that Waffle Slayer's menu only has waffles? Either way, we gave the waffles a miss during that visit because I wanted to try the brunch menu items first.

As I'm typing now, my arms are aching slightly from our work out that day. But it's a good thing; I've been eating and living really unhealthily recently. I've stopped taking my vitamins, been sleeping irregularly and totally not watching what I eat. Think I've put on 1-2kg :( However, a few friends have posted online about how they've dropped close to 8kg in 1-2 months and I feel this sudden inspiration to buck up and try to do the same. Work out more and eat cleaner!

I know this entry may then seem slightly ironic, ha-ha. BUT, everything in moderation right? Eat clean during the weekdays and pamper yourself a bit during the weekends. We should NEVER deprive ourselves of the joys of food because it's a slippery slope once you let sinful treats back in your life after completely cutting them out.

Anyway, I digress. So, above are pictures of what we ordered that day. Seven Spice Chai Tea Latte, Truffle Fries (with freshly grated truffle, truffled aioli & Parmesan), Florentine (with smoked salmon, spinach, hollandaise sauce, poached eggs & a side of mixed greens), and Parma Ham Benedict (with freshly shaved bone-in prosciutto, hollandaise sauce, poached eggs & a side of mixed greens). Again, I can't really comment on the drink because it was my first time having chai tea, so I have nothing to compare it against. That said, I did enjoy the drink, though I was expecting it to have more body, if that makes any sense. I read somewhere that the truffle fries weren't fantastic, so I wasn't disappointed when I had them. While the fries themselves could have done with more truffle oil, they went really nicely with the Parmesan and truffled aioli :)

But I must say, the star of the day, was the Parma Ham Benedict that I ordered. I mean, the Florentine was nice too, but I enjoyed the prosciutto much more than the smoked salmon. And to add to that, I've had my fair share of Eggs Benedict in Singapore and this was one of the better ones I've had in a long time. Overall, I'd recommend the place - reasonably priced and walking distance from the Outram MRT Station. Remember to take the SGH exit at the NEL side.

A word of advice though, you should visit the place in either a pair or a group of 6 or more. Why I say this is because firstly, they don't take reservations for groups that are smaller than 6 (I'm not really sure why). Secondly, you'll definitely want to make reservations if you're going with more than 2 people because the place is damn popular. Casper and I went around 4.30pm, thinking that it'll probably be empty since it was such a weird timing. WRONG, the place was FULL HOUSE. Fortunately, because we only needed a table for 2, we only had to wait about 10minutes? As compared to the other larger groups who had been waiting for around 20minutes or more.

Hoping to visit the place soon to give their waffles a try. Probably have to run all the way home after that meal just to burn off the calories, ha-ha.



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