#146 Flock Cafe
Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ha-ha, okay think it's time to cut back on some cafe hunting. It's not treating my wallet kindly plus I'm SWAMPED with school work to complete. I literally just spent the ENTIRE Sunday afternoon and evening working on my Advertising project as well as filing all the notes I've had since the start of the term. My stress level is progressively increasing, with project presentations and finals looming. Doesn't help that I've STILL not gotten any response regarding my internship applications :( Finally found some time to chill a bit for the rest of the night, before it's back to same old grind again tomorrow. #jaded

This cafe was a recommendation by KAT and it turned out to be really good. Plus points for being located near a Plain Vanilla outlet :D We both had menu items with pork cheeks, just that KAT had eggs with his, ha-ha. Not too sure if I'll go back anytime soon though, there wasn't anything else on the menu that particularly intrigued me. Oh gosh, I'm so mentally exhausted right now I forgot what it was I wanted to blog about. Think I'm just going to abruptly wrap up this entry and call it an early night. Please let me survive weeks 12 and 13 thank you very much!


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