#156 Reaper of Souls
Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pretty apt name for the game, which I've been re-obsessed with since they released the expansion pack. I bought Diablo 3 about a year or so ago and lost interest in it after I hit level 60 with my monk and killed Diablo in Inferno (with the help from a very hardcore gamer acquaintance). But ever since they released the expansion pack (which costs me another S$40+ more), I've been hooked again. Not the best thing to happen considering I bought this during my study week, LOL. And I've been playing non-stop since the end of my 3rd paper. Should really be mugging for my last paper but you know me, willpower = zero. BUT, I've made a promise to myself to stop playing from now till the end of my last paper. So before I swore off the game temporarily, I decided to feature some of my favourite classes from the game.

There's 6 classes in all, but I don't really like the demon hunter and barbarian. As you can see, my strongest character is my monk, followed by my wizard, crusader and witch doctor. I definitely love using the monk the most, but I've come to enjoy using the crusader as well. Every now and then, when I get bored of using a melee character, I switch and use my wizard and witch doctor instead. Yes, they are all female characters and I've put in a lot of effort to come up with their names as well. PLUS, I love the fact that they've included a mystic in the expansion pack, that no only allows you to change the traits of your items, you can change the look of it as well! Been getting a bit carried away making my different characters look damn bad ass. Remember, I said before that I'm OCD, ha-ha.

Okay, I know this doesn't necessarily interest everyone, but I just had to get my fan-boy moment (with regards to the game) out of my system, LOL. Ugh, need to start mugging. NEED TO START!



written at 21:16