#161 2Degree Ice Art Exhibit & Bar
Sunday, 4 May 2014

I've missed my ex-colleagues. Am very thankful someone decided to organise a meet up this weekend to go visit the 2Degree Ice Art Exhibit at MBS. We managed to snag some Groupon deal, so our tickets were a couple bucks cheaper, and we got our hands on coupons that gave certain benefits at the Ice Bar next door. I read up about the exhibit before hand, but that still didn't prepare me enough for what to expect. So here's a few tips if you're reading this and planning to give the exhibit a visit.

01. If you're driving, bring your own winter jacket. I stress, WINTER jacket; not some lousy cardigan or blazer or knitted sweater. The temperature in the exhibit is -15℃. If you're not driving, just pay the S$5 and rent the jackets they have available at the exhibit.

02BRING GLOVES. I don't know where I read online, but I was under the impression gloves were complimentary with ticket purchase. Maybe because we bought our tickets online rather than at the ticket counter, but we had to either fork out an additional S$2 or go without gloves. Gloves are VERY important because your extremities are the first parts of your body to suffer from the cold.

03. Wear thick socks and covered shoes if you don't want your toes to freeze.

That's pretty much it about my tips prior to visiting the exhibit. I was a tad disappointed with the overall experience, maybe because I had very high expectations going into the exhibit. The ice sculptures are okay to look at, but the don't photograph very well and it's hard to take photos with the sculptures because you'll always end up back-lit (i.e. look like black blobs in photos). There is a little play area to slide around in at the exhibit, but I was too cold to stick around for long.

After 30 minutes, we adjourned next door for the bar which was a better experience in my opinion. First of all, the coats are complimentary with every drink order. Secondly, they look so much nicer than the ones we have to pay for at the exhibit! Also, alcohol makes everything better, am I right? Ha-ha, make sure to get the 2Degree Ice Mug when you're there. The mug makes the drinks S$3 more, but you get to have the novel experience of flinging it violently against an ice wall when you're done with your beverage. Try it once and that should be enough, LOL. The exhibit is ending soon and I'm not sure if the bar will cease operation along with the end of the exhibit. Do remember to swing by soon if you want to have a look see.



written at 17:08