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Monday, 21 July 2014

In case you were wondering, the name of this entry is actually the name of the ferry we took yesterday on our day trip to Batam, ha-ha. I couldn't think of something more original. Probably facing some sort of writer's block right now because I spend the whole afternoon doing copy writing for one of our clients. Yeah that's right, I'm blogging at work again, LOL. #starintern

Anyway, I've officially placed blogging about the rest of my OCSP trip on the back burner. The plan was to churn one out last week, but I got hooked onto Orange is the new Black. Freaking LOVE that show, can't wait for the next season to come out. Right now, I'm just finishing up on the 2nd season of Devious Maids and I'll be out of sitcoms again. Okay, enough side tracking.

So yes, day trip to Batam with a few friends from my OCSP trip. It was a super random thing that we had planned a while back, seeking any form of excuse to leave the country. Everyone is kind of suffering from internship/camp blues or blues in general and we needed a good break.

Reached Batam around noon and went straight for lunch because we were all starving. I love how cheap the things there are. Each dish that we ordered from this Ayam Penyet store cost less than S$2.00. To put things in perspective, an order of Wanton Mee costs me S$5.00 at Newton Circus (hawker right next to my work place). It was damn shiok to eat and the chili was top notch. Only issue with the place is that their air conditioning is pretty much non-existent. So you eat and sweat at the same time.

Conveniently located next door was an A&W - a fast food joint that has been long gone from our sunny shores. Popped on over to order a Root Beer Float and some curly fries in an attempt to cool off. The fries and drink costs twice the amount we spent on lunch FYI. I can see why A&W closed down in Singapore, ha-ha. Assuming that the standards are similar to the ones in Batam and KL, the food is super over rated. Give me Carl's Junior any day.

Done with our massages and en-route to the ferry terminal for dinner. The massages were nothing fantastic and not as cheap as I had anticipated. I still prefer the ones you get in Bangkok, Healthland. Oh well, lesson learnt - don't go to Majesty Spa and Massage. BTW, I miss BKK.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of what we ate for dinner because I didn't charge my camera the night before and my battery decided to die on me. Still, managed to capture the scenic view we had of their smelly waters. The sunset was pretty amazing to watch as well. Food wise, it was so-so. I'm not sure if it was because of my high expectations or if the standards were really sub-par. Either way, it wasn't HORRIBLE and definitely affordable. Ordered like 7 dishes and it costs us less than S$10 a person.

Overall, while the massages and seafood dinner somewhat disappointed, it was still an awesome experience to be away from Singapore for a day and enjoy the company of my friends. Ended the night by having Ice Cream at Vivo's Cold Stone before dragging a very tired body home. I better end the entry now because I still have some work stuff to wrap up before leaving the office, ha-ha. Till my next post ~


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