#168 Potato Head Folk
Monday, 28 July 2014

The girlfriend is FINALLY back from her exchange in Spain. Actually, she's been back for a while, but we only managed to find the time to meet up last weekend for a catch up session. And, given that it's been a while since my last cafe hunt, we decided to try out Potato Head Folk. I've seen friends posting photos of the place as well as the food, and the cafe just so happened to be featured in that week's issue of 8Days. Love the overall decor of the place, right down to the outfits worn by their wait staff. The person serving our table was kind of cute as well, so that made the experience even more pleasant, ha-ha.

We ordered a burger each and shared one of their desserts. The more famous Honky Tonk Burger was unfortunately sold out! So we ordered a Baby Huey and Burning Man instead. The pictures in 8Days gave me the impression that the burgers were huge. In the end, they came out looking pretty averagely sized, similar to the ones you get at Mac Donald but thicker. Also another surprise, the burgers came with no sides whatsoever. No fries, no salad, no soup, nothing. Overall verdict - the food is decent but pricey. The burgers we ordered costs us roughly $40+ after tax. But maybe it's because of the type of beef that they use? I'm not too sure. The chocolate pudding was amazing though. I'd highly recommend ordering it if you do visit the joint, though be warned, it's crazily sinful too, ha-ha.


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