#169 Supply & Demand
Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It was an expensive weekend of clubbing and pretentious brunches, but doing it every once in a while is okay right? Ha-ha, time for me to migrate back to the mountains again till the next blue moon appears. Anyway, clubbing over the long Hari Raya weekend was ridiculously fun, but nothing particularly interesting to blog about. I was just on a constant alcoholic high, which I'm still recovering from right now, ha-ha.

Managed to pull my fat butt out of bed on Sunday morning for brunch at a surprisingly central location. Most brunch places are usually hidden at secluded shop houses. This was right smack in the middle of Somerset. The food at Supply & Demand was good and reasonably priced, definitely worth to pay another visit, unlike the brunch place in my previous post (will go back there only if I'm feeling particularly rich, LOL).

I was too lazy to take a proper look at the menu and told my friends to just order anything to share amongst ourselves. Hence, I've no idea what the proper name of each dish is nor what they are made off. In the most layman of terms, some sort of Arrabbiata Spaghetti (with spicy churrizo), Eggs Benedict (with parma ham and something else) and a Pizza (with chicken, some other things and a soft boiled egg in the middle, LOL). Okay, enough blogging at work for now. 8 more working days till I'm done with internship, yikes.



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