#174 Little Bao
Saturday, 23 August 2014

Little Bao, Central, Hong Kong

G/F 66 Staunton Street 
Tel: +852 2194 0202
Mon to Sat: 6pm – 12 Midnight
Nearest Station: Central MTR

School has officially started and I'm somewhat all-over-the-place right now when it comes to getting back in the momentum of studying. But, it's week 01 so I figured I can afford to bum around for a while more, ha-ha. Went for a brief getaway to Hong Kong a week before school resumed, just to unwind a little before the madness settles in. Overjoyed to be able to finally eat all the good Hong Kong food I've been missing since 2012, but even more delighted to have discovered some new gems during this trip.

Today's entry features Little Bao, a fusion cafe of sorts, that cleverly marries flavours of both eastern and western cuisines. If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you'll know that I'm a huge cafe-junkie. This place definitely passed the hipster test, ha-ha. It's only opened for dinner so go early to avoid long queues. I read online that the place fills up by 7pm. However, being the typical Singaporeans that we are, we showed up at 5.50pm, 10 minutes before they opened. This is when being kiasu works to our advantage - there was already a queue forming outside the cafe!

Just a heads up, so you won't be too shocked when you visit the place, it's a ridiculously tiny establishment. There are ZERO table top seats, only counter seats. So be prepared to eat your dinner on bar stools, shoulder to shoulder with the person/people next to you. The friendly and efficient staff makes the dining experience a little better though, and don't worry if you can't speak Cantonese (or Mandarin), they're fluent in English.

(1) LB Fries - roasted tomato sambal, kewpie mayo, cilantro. [HKD$68] 
(2) "Mac & Cheese" - steamed rice rolls, mentaiko cheese sauce. [HKD$128]

We ordered 2 sides, instead of the recommended 4, because let's face it, the prices aren't exactly broke-student-friendly. I say recommended because the waiter emphasised that the 'baos' we ordered as our mains would be small and potentially not filling enough. Overall, I'd skip the fries if you're really trying to save money. While they were good, they weren't any spectacular. Their take on "Mac & Cheese" however is a MUST BUY. It's basically Chee Cheong Fan (or steamed rice rolls) with mentaiko cheese sauce. Anything with Mentaiko AND Cheese, I'm SOLD.

(1) Chicken Bao - french running chicken, black vinegar glaze, szechuan mayo, napa cabbage coleslaw. 
(2) Spciy Fried Chicken Bao - fresh running chicken, chilli garlic, blackbean mayo, scallion coleslaw. 
(3) Fish Tempura Bao - fresh market fish, tamarind palm sugar glaze, pickled lemongrass fennel salad. 
(4) Pork Belly Bao - slow braised pork belly, leek & shiso red onion salad, sesame dressing, hoisin ketchup.  
*All HKD$78

There are a total of 5 'baos' to order from the menu and since there were 4 of us, we decided to order 1 each (skipping the vegetarian option). The chicken and fish tempura options were alright I guess. Again, I wouldn't recommend ordering them if you're on a tighter budget. Instead, go straight for the pork belly or spicy fried chicken options. Personally, my favourite is the pork belly (hence, it got it's own featured photo, ha-ha). The meat just melts in your mouth and the toppings and dressing all complement each other very well, making for a orgasmic party in your mouth.

(1) LB Ice Cream Bao - green team ice cream, condensed milk. [HKD$48] 
(2) LB Ice Cream Bao - salt ice cream, caramel. [HKD$48]

Of course, we had to end off our meal with their desserts. The only have 2 options, so we got BOTH. NO REGRETS, even though they are probably a 1000 calories each. The 'baos' are deep fried and a block of ice cream is wedged in between, drizzled with either condensed milk or caramel. Definitely worth sacrificing your diet for.

I know I have a whole bunch of back-logged entries to write about (especially my OCSP trip). But blogging is more time consuming that you would think, ha-ha. Will post sporadically about stuff I've done over my summer break if I have the time or feel like procrastinating when it comes to school work, but no promises, LOL (again, not like anyone really reads this space).


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