#175 Butao Ramen & Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles
Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Butao (豚王) Ramen, Central, Hong Kong

G/F, Wo On Building, 8-13 On Lane Street
Tel: +852 2530 0600
Opening Time: 1100H (unsure of what days they're close)
Nearest Station: Central MTR

Oh yeah, I'm done (more or less) with my school work (excluding those that I'll clear during my break time in school tomorrow), so I decided to do another post about my recent Hong Kong trip. I realised one of the first few entries of my blog were dedicated to my Hong Kong trip back in 2011. Hence, I'll only be featuring food places I didn't have a chance to visit the first time round. 

Today's posts features 2 different type of noodle outlets. The first is a ramen shop, which was also our first food pit stop on the trip. I know, kind of ironic to be eating Japanese food when we're in Hong Kong. But a friend of mine mentioned that the Japanese food in Hong Kong are actually rather good, seeing as how they were once colonised or ruled by the Japanese or something (okay, I'm paraphrasing quite a bit, so don't quote me on this).

Either way, the place received rave reviews online and we heard about it from friends, so why not give it a try? Totally no regrets. They have 4 types of broth to choose from - Butao King (tonkotsu), Green King (pesto, basil & Parmesan cheese), Black King (squid ink) and Red King (spicy miso). You can even customise the amount of garlic and chili you want, how hard you like the noodles to be and the different kind of topping you want with your bowl of ramen.

We weren't feeling particularly adventurous so we skipped the Green King and the weather was far too blazing to even consider the Red King. Thus, we settled for 2 Butao King and 2 Black King. Perhaps we were fucking famished or something, but the first mouthful of the ramen tasted heavenly. Everyone finished their entire bowl of ramen, and may I just add that their portions are very generous. Something to note though, it can get quite 'gelat' after a while given how thick the broth is, so maybe go slow if you don't want to end up insanely stuffed after the meal like we were.

 Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles (九記牛腩), Central, Hong Kong

21 Gough Street 
Tel: +852 2850 5967
Nearest Station: Central MTR

The original plan was to share 2 bowls at this restaurant, and then hop on over to the also well-known Tomato Noodle Street Stall next door for another 2 bowls. However, I forgot the latter only opens for lunch. It worked out in the end though, cause Kau Kee requires a minimum expenditure of HKD$40 per pax (average price of a bowl of noodles there). I really enjoyed the Beef Brisket Noodles there. The noodles were of just the right texture and firmness and the beef just tore apart perfectly, with just the right amount of fat that melts in your mouth to give that added flavour. 

On hindsight, we shouldn't have all ordered the same thing, ha-ha. A Taiwanese couple seating at the same table as us ordered a bowl of curry noodles with beef and it looked super good as well. Should have done a bit more research about the place because after I went back to the apartment at night to read up about Kau Kee, I realised people actually recommended the curry version of their noodles as well. Something to take note if you plan to visit the place anytime soon.

Alright, I think that covers it for the food highlights of my 2014 Hong Kong trip. The rest of the food places I visited have already been covered here and here. Click on the link if you're interested to read more.


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