#177 Project Agape: Kashgar (Tashkurgan Stone Fortress)
Monday, 1 September 2014

Just in case anyone is wondering why I'm suddenly updating so often, it's because I'm procrastinating and avoiding school work. To be fair, I've spent the afternoon clearing my Finance homework and will be doing my case study project preparation later after dinner. If I have the time, I may even deal with the statement of accounts for settling claims for our OCSP trip. But yeah, I'm just giving myself a break now (not well deserved I'm afraid) before dinner time and since there's no new videos on YouTube to watch at the moment, I figured I'd churn out another entry.

Actually, there's nothing much to write about regarding this entry. The group of us basically visited a stone fortress whilst in Tashkurgan because it's supposed to be their one and only tourist attraction, ha-ha. Didn't really bother to read up about the place so to me, it's just a massive expanse of nothing but rocks and stones. That said, because we were so high up in the mountains, the place made for a very nice back drop to take incessant amounts of photos. So yeah, the rest of the entry shall just be a bunch of images that we took. More can be view on Facebook (if we're friends, ha-ha).

Nearly died trying to take that jump shot thanks to the uneven ground, but anything for an amazing photo to post on Instagram yes? Ha-ha.


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