#183 Project Agape: Kashgar (Dawakol Desert)
Monday, 22 September 2014

I have a finance quiz to study for tomorrow but here I am, once again, procrastinating. My only justification is that I'm currently severely under the weather. Out of no where, I got hit with the flu, a sore throat and a mild fever; which is very bizarre because I've not been eating anything 'heaty'. The only explanation I can think of is my lack of sleep which has reduced my immune system. Either way, I hope I recover soon because falling sick sucks big time. #kingofstatingtheobvious

Anyway, this entry features our little day trip to Dawakol Desert. I was pretty excited because I've never been to an actual desert before. Yet at the same time, I wasn't expecting much. I mean, when you say desert, all I think of are camels and mountains of sand. There doesn't seem like there's particularly much to do, ha-ha.

Yup, see. CAMELS. But we didn't dare climb on board a camel because firstly, some people were still pretty freaked out from the horse riding experience and secondly, we were all afraid of contracting MERS from these animals. #paranoidSingaporeans Well, you know what they say, better safe than sorry, ha-ha.

So we opted for DUNE BUGGIES instead. These were DAMN FUN to ride on. Initially, whilst we were still on even ground heading towards the entrance of the desert, we were all like "Is this it?" Once we hit the sand dunes, it was when things got insane. It literally felt like a roller coaster ride, just that you got to control how intense you wanted the adrenaline rush to be, ha-ha.

Kind of lost track of how much time we spent on the sand dunes, taking photos and going sand boarding. Sand boarding was definitely an experience, but climbing back up the sand dune was a work out. Tried once and that was good enough for me, ha-ha. I'm glad I'm actually following through with my promise to constantly update about my OCSP trip. It's bringing back a lot of memories, which is something I need right now given the amount of school blues I'm experiencing. Looking forward to my next exit out of Singapore in December. Till then, hang in there everyone!


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