#194 Sambal Grilled Corn & Guacamole Sandwich
Monday, 24 November 2014

The week of final exams is finally upon us! I'm nervous yet excited at the same time because I can't wait for the week to end and for my holidays to begin. I can't wait to start packing for my overseas trips and I'm just grateful for everything I have in my life right now, despite the immense amount of stress I'm currently under.

So anyway, because I stayed home today to study, I had to settle dinner myself. I was sick of the tuna salad I usually eat as a healthy alternative to instant noodles. Hence, I was rummaging around the fridge and found one last avocado. Inspired by this YouTube video I saw a long time ago, I decided to make a modified version of it to eat as a sandwich.

The recipe on how to make guacamole can be found in my previous entry. Once done making the guacamole, what I did next was to mix some canned corn with 'sambal belecan' that my maid always has stocked at home. Pop the whole thing into the oven and grill it at high heat for about 15 minutes? I wasn't really timing to be honest, I just took the corns out once they developed a nice colour. Toast a few slices of bread, boil a few eggs, sprinkle a bit of dried basil (or seasoning of your choice) and voila, dinner is served. Quite a 'chapalang' recipe, ha-ha, but trust me, it's incredibly easy to make and the meal photographs like a dream. Received quite a few compliments on Instagram, maybe I should cook more to feed my ego, get it?! Okay, bad pun aside, its time for bed. Wish me luck for the coming week and hopefully I'll update again soon once my exams are officially over!


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