#210 Memorable UK Eats
Sunday, 10 July 2016

Old Spitalfield Market
Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW, United Kingdom

So obviously, these are just some of the places I ate at during my recent vacation. I decided to feature only the more memorable places because documenting every eatery seems pretty pointless.

Borough Market had some good eats, but I must say that the food at Old Spitalfield Market was way better in comparison. Not too sure which stalls are permanent fixtures at this market, but if you get the chance, please try The Duck Truck. Honestly, I much prefer duck that's prepared this way than the normal Chinese roast duck we get in Singapore/Asia. There isn't any of that strong iron taste in the meat and all in all, it's just a party in my mouth.

And if you're like me and you need a sweet fix after a savoury main course, I'd recommend getting a Lola's Cupcake. I know Hummingbird Bakery is popular in the UK as well, but I read reviews online that their cupcakes can be dry. I only had the chance to try Lola's and it gets my stamp of approval. Be adventurous and try some of their more unique flavours - the one in the photo is pistachio with rose water.

Burger & Lobster
26 Binney Street, London W1K 5BN

I think this restaurant chain recently came to Singapore? That or people are trying to introduce this cuisine into our local food scene. The good thing about this place is that there's only 3 options on the menu, so if you struggle to decide on what to eat in a new place, they've eliminated that problem for you.

The place was crawling with Asians, and I noticed that the only people who got the burger were Caucasians. You get an option of either grilled or boiled if you order the lobster whole. My recommendation would be to get it boiled because the grilled one makes the crustacean taste a tad bitter. The boiled option allows the meat to retain that umami flavour.

If you really want to try the burger as well and don't want to have to do a repeat visit, bring along a friend and get the burger and lobster set (a burger each and a lobster dish to share). For me, when I do visit this place again one day, I'm going to try the lobster in brioche bun.

Tapame Tapas Bar
19-20 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh EH1 2QZ, United Kingdom

This was actually one of the places recommended by our Edinburgh AirBnB host. I really discovered a new found love for tapas on this holiday. It gives me the freedom to order a whole bunch of things and try out different items on the menu, without having to loosen the belt loop. There wasn't anything in particular that stood out from the rest because everything was so amazing. My advice would be to order what appeals to you on the menu. I don't think you can go wrong ordering that way in this place, ha-ha.

Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food
1 Leven Street, Edinburgh EH3 9LH, United Kingdom

Another place recommended by our Edinburgh AirBnB host. In addition to a new found love for tapas, I've discovered a new found love for Indian food. Aside from the spicy chili chicken, which was pretty mediocre, the things we ordered were to-die-for. Just do what I did, I ordered everything that was the chef's recommendation on the menu. It was also my first time trying lassi. Super good but it also tastes super fattening, LOL. Anyway, if anyone reading this knows of any places in Singapore that serves Indian food like this (instead of only Roti Prata), please let me know where!

The Lion & Lobster
24 Sillwood St, Brighton BN1 2PS, United Kingdom

The last place I'm featuring in this entry is this 3 storey bar and restaurant I visited in Brighton. I really wanted to have a Sunday roast experience so I turned to Google to see where would be the best place to visit. To be fair, I have no point of comparison in terms of British Sunday roast dinners. But this place is pretty fucking spectacular. Pardon the use of profanities, I couldn't think of a more eloquent way to convey just how good this place is. Definitely get the squid rings in Carbonara sauce. The sauce is so good, I can just eat it with plain bread alone (or drink it like a soup, get judged and not really care, LOL).

I might do another two posts that covers memorable eats from Barcelona and Amsterdam.
Hopefully, I'll be able to find some spare time to do so. Till then, adios from this fat foodie.


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