#4 Housekeeping
Thursday, 24 January 2013

OHAI! Haven't been blogging much because I've been pretty caught up with school and life in general. I went bonkers and deleted all of my past entries, less the first entry and the Hong Kong food entries. I'm anal retentive this way. I decided that I want a main concept/theme for each entry and not have it be super jumbled up and all over the place. Yup, hopefully I'll stop with these random bouts of deleting things (like how I deleted my old Tumblr and Instagram account) now that I have a clear idea what I want my blogging style to be like.

2013 so far has been relatively ho-hum. I applied for OCSP in Shang Hai and was rejected :( Now, I'm hoping to get the OCSP in Chiang Mai. More importantly, hoping to get my summer exchange in UBC. Never been to Canada before and it'll definitely be one of the highlights of my year. Do keep a look out for future entries, I'll promise to update with more interesting entries (at least from my POV) and not overly neglect this space. Currently showering too much attention on my new Tumblr and Instagram account. Ha-ha, okay, I'll go back to trying to pay attention in class now.



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