#6 Year of the Snake (eve)
Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! It's that time of the year, where all I look forward to the moment I wake up is to collect money from relatives I hardly meet and eat like it's the end of the world :D If you haven't heard this before, let me just reiterate the point: which is that the older you get, the less special Chinese New Year becomes. The excitement of decorating the house, shopping for new clothes, eating the delicious goodies - it all just loses it's magic with each passing year. *jaded* I guess though, it'll be a bit more interesting now with my niece in my life. Will be fun to see how different each CNY will be like as she gets older.

These photos are actually from the eve of the eve - had a pre-reunion dinner with the boys over at The Magic of Chong Qing Hot Pot (Tanglin Shopping Centre). Shout-out to Ian for arranging this get-together and sourcing for the location AND for making the reservation :) Much love to you for being so awesome!

Had drinks over at Wine Connection before dinner because we made a later reservation to accommodate those who didn't have half day or full day off on Friday.
The place only has buffets, but instead of going around taking what you want, you can just order from the waitresses who will bring the food to you. It's sort of like what you get at Bugis, but with much better quality food and ambiance. First of all, it's much more spacious. It's also better ventilated. Of course, the place is also twice the price of what you pay at Bugis. But personally, it's a once a year kind of thing, and I'd rather pay more for better service and atmosphere than scrim and suffer at a cheaper alternative; FYI, we were a group of 10, dining anywhere in Bugis would have been a nightmare.
(of course after saying all this, my heart still aches a teensy bit since I'm basically balancing my social life with the small allowance I get from my dad, sigh pie)

Brought baby girl over to Nebo today to Lou Hei with the staff :) She is so freaking adorable I can't even... Haven't been back to Nebo in a while now, things still look more or less the same, but I took a peek at the weekly schedule; aside from Kat and Leshia, I have no idea who the rest of the part timers are. Think it was a wise decision on my part to stop working there; the pay honestly sucks and the place is just ridiculously far to travel to for a part time job.

Brother over ordered like crazy - this was for about 10 people, of which 7 were girls.


Was nice to catch up with everyone, haven't seen most of them since August 2012 (around the time school started). Took a few photos after we Lou Hei-ed. Thereafter, began the messy process of cleaning up after ourselves - we're pretty violent Lou Hei-ers, ha-ha. Everyone had to rush off because of reunion dinner. Was so stuffed, but my parents were hungry so we started cooking early that night. Didn't end up eating much, but it's okay, because with the amount of leftover food, my mum will plan to have steamboat again on another day.

Okay, I need to go get ready for more visiting. Came home to rest for a short while because baby girl hasn't slept the whole day and was getting cranky over at my uncle's place. Will update more about the rest of CNY, probably on the 2nd or 3rd day, before school starts. *sigh pie*


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