#7 Year of the Snake
Wednesday, 13 February 2013

So the first 3 days of CNY are over... School officially starts again for me tomorrow -sad face- I've been slacking even though I have an assignment due on the coming Monday and I've not started working on it at all. Damn fucking sian to have to go back to school this Saturday, from 0815H - 1845H for make up lessons. Up till now, I still believe the SMU should get their professors to work their teaching schedules around the public holidays, to spare us all the pain of losing our precious weekends. Bah, might very likely skip the morning class since I have a dinner to attend AFTER ethics lesson.

I've managed to take a bunch of random photos over this festive period. Much to my surprise (and I'm sure more to yours), there's hardly any photos of me. I only took one(?) #ootd photo; okay there was another one that was taken on the first day but I look really gross so I'm not going to post it.

My mum prepared these flowers for me to bathe with on the first day, probably for good luck.

Pretty Baby Tara.

Not so pretty here. Became increasingly grumpy as she had problems taking her naps.

I'm so thankful for all the babies that my relatives have given birth to. I know this comment sounds weird, but having 7 kids (age ranging from a couple of months - 9 years old) running about the house makes my CNY so much more fun and interesting. Before the next generation came along, visiting was literally a mind numbingly dull process. There's no one around my age because I'm the youngest, so I just sit around and watch everyone gamble, until it's finally time to leave and head to another household to stone some more.

Now, with all these children running around, I have people to entertain myself with. And I've got to say, it's definitely an experience watching the kids grow up. Most of them are well behaved, so they aren't a handful. And I say this because I'm not a kids person; hate them in crowded public transports, hate them in general shopping areas. There has been so many times I just want to grab a kid by his/her toes and shake them until they shut up. But... I'm biased towards children who are related to me or belong to my friends. So, I love all my nieces and nephews deeply :) Also helps that, like I mentioned earlier, they are all brought up properly and are well behaved, most of them anyway.

Went over to Zirca that night for the LAST SUPERSTAR SUNDAY :( To be honest, should have totally seen this day coming; ever since Avalon started operating on Sundays as well, business has definitely taken a hit over at Zirca (and business wasn't exactly bustling to begin with). Felt like almost everyone went down that night to party for the last time. The place was soooo fucking packed. The only time I remember it being so crowded was during the uniform party a year or 2 back. Oh and yes, the cat faces are there to protect the identity of my more discreet friends.

Got so freaking high that night, can't remember exactly how much I drank and smoked. Good indication of how high I was - woke up the next day with 3 bruises on my right leg and an injured left wrist. Apparently, I fell off the chair and I don't even recollect this incident happening - good job Tristan. Either way, I HAD A BLAST. Woke up the next day without a hangover too, double hurrah!

This is the only photo I have from the second day of CNY. Thank god that every year on the second day, people come over to my place. So I slept till about noon-ish, before heading downstairs in my sleep attire and bed head to eat lunch. Similar to every CNY, mummy made POPIAH! Lost count of how many I ate, but I'm sure the weighing scale will jolt my memory soon enough. Spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids, but they eventually got bored of me and turned to the iPads. Next year must put on Drag Show for them already, LOL.


More family visiting on the third day, which is different because usually on the third day, I'll swing by friends' home to hang out. However this year, only one friend invited me over to his place. Couldn't make it though cause I was over at my sister-in-law's god mother's house (that was a mouthful) and he asked me quite late into the day. Had to head on over to my in-law's place after that as well; at least that was the original plan. In the end, my sister-in-law's dad had the fever so we stayed home. Ho hum* Yeah, kind of a boring end to my CNY, but this festive period has never been particularly exciting to begin with, heh.

Can't wait to collect more red packets and eat more good food over this weekend :D All the money received this year will be channelled towards spending on my summer exchange. Okay, tummy is making noise, time to head downstairs for second round of steamboat with the family! #fatdieme


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