#15 귀요미 (Gwiyomi)
Wednesday, 27 March 2013

HAHAHA, can I first say that when people started doing their versions of Gwiyomi, I never once thought that I'd jump on the bandwagon. I mean, it's like HARLEM SHAKE for crying out loud. BUT, I guess this is less annoying to most people and it is also easier to record because it's all about acting cute. However, I am well aware that I'm not very cute. So, I'm only going to post the video here. LOL, too paiseh to post on FB, where there are so many cuter versions.

Did this because I am super bored. My CPU has been at my father's office since Friday and my laptop doesn't have League of Legends :( I've already watched 3 different movies on my Mac so I decided to be random and record this video after dinner. Besides, cam-whoring to attract attention is soooo 2012. Move over selca(s), it's time to make way for YouTube videos, ha-ha.

The quality of the video is quite bad, I recorded it using my Mac, ha-ha. Was trying to edit it with iMovie but the only thing I know how to edit are photos. Hence, this is totally unedited :( I'm very not used to being unable to edit anything that goes up on social media. CAN'T EVEN FILTER YOU KNOW?!? Oh well, here I am in my full obese glory. At least the bad lighting makes my skin look flawless :D -silver lining-



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