#17 Fjallraven Kanken
Thursday, 4 April 2013

You might remember this tweet that I sent out a while ago if you follow me on twitter :) I splurged on a brand new bag, firstly because I haven't bought myself anything in Singapore since I can last remember. Most of my shopping is done overseas as most of my allowance is spent on food, movies and clubbing =X Secondly, I didn't really get myself anything for my birthday, didn't even celebrate it this year, so I thought I'd spoil myself a little bit even though I'm supposed to be saving my ass off for my exchange. Decided on getting a Kanken Bag-Pack online since there was a 15% sale. Moreover, its supposedly the up and coming hipster bag, so I'm going to get it before everyone starts owning one :p Expected it to arrive a little later than this, but wouldn't you know it, 17 days later and I came home from school to a lovely package :D

This is going to accompany me all the way to Canada and the United States during my summer exchange/holiday. It's a teensy bit smaller than expected so I'm not too sure if it'll be enough as a hand carry for my 27 hour flight across The Atlantic. Tickets have been purchased at last and I'm getting more excited/nervous as the departure date draws closer. Still contemplating if I should work part time before I fly off, just to earn that extra bit of cash to spend abroad. We'll see... Anyway, I'm kind of beat from my long day, so I'm going to hit the sack soon like a retired geriatric.


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