#27 New Spectacles
Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Okay, just a random update because life has been pretty lacklustre lately. I still have my midnight curfew after that drunken incident, which is kind of annoying because even if I want to stay out late and not drink/club, I can't. Ah well, it'll pass, eventually. Don't want to dwell on the negatives, that isn't me.
So, yay! Finally fitted this pair of frames that I bought back in 2011 from Taiwan :D I realised that all my other frames, except the one I normally wear, are broken or bent out of shape. I don't know how or why, but it means that I have no spare spectacles. Well, okay I do have ONE pair but it's SUPER hideous so I went ahead and got this pair ready before flying off for my exchange. In my head, I was just thinking the other day before I fell asleep - what if I lose my contact lens and my regular spectacles when I'm abroad? An unlikely occurrence but I wanted to be safe; so long story short, this is why I made a spare pair. And yes, I just dedicated one entire entry to my new spectacles, ha-ha.

NAH, add in some photos of food as well. Had these, plus some fried dumplings (but they looked too ugly in the photo, so I didn't want to post them), for Sunday brunch over at 老北京食堂Orchard Central. Food was good but pricey, so go only if you are loaded, have some sort of discount or aren't paying, LOL. I went because my friend had some discount, ha-ha. Definitely not loaded and sadly, no sugar daddy.
Actually, I have more food photos from supper over at Bedok 85 on Saturday. But again, the carrot cake, oyster omelette and bak chor mee looks quite ugly in the photos I took, so not going to post them, ha-ha. I need better food photography skills. Okay, signing off from my super random post.

PS. I need to cut my hair ASAP.

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