#23 Re-inventing Old School
Wednesday, 17 April 2013

So just the other day, I was listening to my music on the iPhone while on the way home when my iPhone suddenly died on me. The battery life on my iPhone has gotten from bad to worse, and it doesn't help that when I get bored, I tend to stalk social media a lot, hence draining the battery life even further.
As such, I decided that it was time to revive my old iPod that I got way back in my JC1 days. It's been out of commission for so long that I could barely remember some of the songs that I previously uploaded onto it. I decided to restore the whole thing and put in a similar music library as my iPhone. Haven't gotten round to uploading videos into it yet though. Yup, this iPod is the latest one that was released before the iPhone. It accompanied me through many long duties back when I was in NS.

It got me thinking that how, just a couple of years ago, these (pictured above) were considered to be old school. Now, I look at my iPod and consider THAT old school. In fact, I'd look at an iPhone 3Gs and consider THAT old school, LOL. My sister-in-law's mother uses her iPhone 3Gs for making calls etc. and her iPhone 5 for taking photos, playing games and accessing social media. I wonder how many more years it'll take for the iPod to be completely phased out, like the Walkman or Discman.

On a separate note, WHY ISN'T THE LATEST IPAD MINI OUT YET?! My dad mentioned a few weeks ago that he wants to buy me an iPad, simply because he thinks that it'll be of great use to me in school and even on my summer exchange. But, I heard from sources (well, mainly my apple fanatic friends) that the latest iPad mini will be launched either this month or in September. Am I to assume, because there is no news yet of the latest iPad mini, that the launch will take place 5 months from now instead? I guess I can wait :( I mean, the iPad mini is definitely not a need, it's more of a "oh, since dad offered to buy me one, why not?" I'll probably retire my iPod again when I do get an iPad mini. It's going to be kind of ridiculous to head out and bring with me an iPhone, iPod and iPad mini (maybe even my MacBook Pro as well if I'm headed to school). We shall see, I'll let you guys know again 5 months from now, ha-ha.



written at 14:27