#42 SAF Seaview Resort
Saturday, 1 June 2013

OMG, I can't believe I'll be flying off in a few hours! I've just a bit of time to squeeze in one last entry in SG before I'll officially be posting from North America for the next 7 weeks :D In case you're wondering what the point of the above picture is, it is to illustrate the HELL I went through yesterday before the BBQ at SAF Seaview Resort. This (pictured above) is a Golden Lion Tamarin.
So I had a hair appointment yesterday to cut and colour my hair once more before leaving. I don't know what was the conversation that conspired between my hair dresser and I, but I ended up with hair that was a similar shade to the fur of this monkey. MEGA CRISIS.
I rushed all the way home, rushed all the way to the nearby provision shop PRAYING that they sold hair dye, but all I managed to find was Henna Powder Dye. With no other options left, I decided to give the powder dye a shot. I've read about typicalben using it before and the results seemed okay. Plus, it's only S$4.50.
Thank god the colour turned out nicely. Just be sure to add water a bit at a time to the powder dye. The lousy instructions didn't specify how much water to put so I added a bit too much the first time. Ended up having to use two sachets even though my hair is already so short.

Anyway, with the crisis averted, I was finally calm enough to get ready to head on over to the chalet and meet up with the boys. I'm not even kidding when I say I was in complete panic mode throughout the entire afternoon. I imagined going on exchange and taking photos with that hideous hair colour and I nearly cried. #dramaqueen
The chalet was fun! There was SOOOO much food, we definitely over did it with the grocery shopping at Giant. As always, I was completely useless when it came down to preparing and barbecuing the food. I just floated around the place, helping clear rubbish, take things out of stuff and chattered non-stop. I'm glad we had this gathering before I leave. 7 weeks, though not a big deal for most, is a huge deal for me. I miss my friends from just after a week of not meeting up, LOL, seriously. Anyway, I'm going to check my luggage one last time before heading to the airport.


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